On the 31 st of March 2017, the new Bungsamran fishing park opens.The more than 139,000 Square meters and up to 50m depp lake is stocked with more than 40 fish species. More than 20,000 Mekong Giant Catfish up to 200kg. More than 4000 Giant Siamese Carp up to 160kg.
Arapaima, Chao Phraya Catfish, Alligator Gar, Barramundi, Red Tail Catfish and many more.  With a fishing license you can fishing from the community pier or
23 private bungalows. The lake has a restaurant with delivery
service / mini market / coffee shop / fishing tackle shop and
24hour reception.

New Bungsamran 40 Kilo Giant Siam Carp TFF Member with 40 Kilo Giant Siam Carp by the lake New Bungsamran

The old Bungsamran where 1984 was opend closes on 30 st March 2017.
All the big fish from the old lake move step-by-step in the new Bungsamran fishing lake.

The new Bungsamran is then the lake with the most and biggest Carp and Mekong Catfish in Thailand, Asia and Worldwide.

The New Bungsamran is 35km from the Airport Suvarnabhumi – Bangkok

GPS:  N 13°81´87.90 E 100°93´99.80
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The best way to catch big fish is with more rods and several rounds
( e.q. 48 hour session ) and a lot of Bait Feed to fishing!
If you are interested to catch a Monster Fish on this way?
You can contact us!
We can organize you a perfect trip cheaper and better  than if you can do it by yourself!

  New Bungsamran fishing park price list 01.09.2017

The lake is every day for fishing open 24 hours:

  • 12 hour session / round from 9AM to 8:30PM ( Day time )
  • 12 hour session / round from 9PM to 8:30AM ( Night time )

Bungalow price/ per round 12 hour

Bungalow location see map
- Yellow Bungalow                                                         1000.- Baht
1 bedroom/fan max 3 people
- Green Bungalow                                                          2000.- Baht
1 bedroom/1bathroom/1 Air con
Max 4 people
- Orange Bungalow                                                        2500.- Baht  
1 bedroom/1bathroom/1 living room
1 Air con /Max 5 people
- Red VIP Bungalow No.9/                                           5000.- Baht
2 bedroom/2 bathroom/1 big living room
2 Air con/Max 8 people
- Red VIP Bungalow No.14 /                                        7000.- Baht
2 bedroom/2 bathroom/1big living room
2 Air con /Max 12 people

Fishing License / per rod / per round                  4,000.- Baht

Share fishing rod / per person                                1,000.-Baht

Rod Rental / per rod / per round                             500.- Baht 
Large Net Rental                                                              60.- Baht

Big Fish Bait 6 kg                                                          500.-Baht

Bag of Bait 25 Kg                                                            620.-Baht
Guide Fees / per round 8 hour                                1,000.- Baht

Guide can take care maximum 2 guest

Fishing Package: 1 License/1 rental rod/

Net/ Bait Big Fish/ Guide                 =                     6000.-Baht

Spinning for predators per rod-round                        4000 Baht

Arapaima fishing with catch guarantee                   80.000 Baht

Taxi Airport Suvarnabhumi - BSR                                  500 Baht                             Taxi pick up BKK-Hotel waiting -                                                                                 and back to BKK Hotel                                                   2300.-Baht                         Taxi Pattaya - New Bungsamran (one way)                 1500 Baht